Thursday, 11 April 2019

Big Enough Windows for Plenty of Sunlight

I’ve recently started to learn more and more about caring for succulents within my own home instead of leaving them on my back patio. There’s a lot about these specific arid-loving plants that I didn’t know about, yet I’m learning day by day what they prefer.

One of the things that’s hard to remember to do (or not do, in this case) is resist overwatering. These plants actually require less water than you’d imagine in comparison to other plants, and too much water actually is a bad thing for them. I’ve learned only to water when the soil starts to look dry. That’s when you know the succulents have sucked up the water existing and will take in more.

Just as well, they’re a big fan of lots of sunlight. So it makes sense to put them near larger open windows so that they get a healthy amount of direct sunlight. Again, this is what can be easy to forget to do since a lot of plants want more shade or indirect sunlight.

In fact, that’s what makes it a bit tough for me. We also have a few other plants that needed indirect exposure to sunlight, so we’re lucky to have a large enough window that provides plenty of lighting that can reach parts of my home for those plants that don’t need too much light. Yet the windows also provide the maximum amount of light needed for my succulents, too.

Just like anything, though, it’s all about learning how to read the situation. If the plants look stressed or off, they’re trying to communicate that they need more water or less sunlight. Luckily, succulents in particular are quite hardy living things, so they’ll forgive you if you don’t have the setup right directly after you get them. You’ve got time to learn their preferences and adjust accordingly.

So while I’ve only had these beautiful desert dwellers for a few weeks, I’ve really started to learn what they like and what makes them happy. Heck, I’ve already seen some growth from a few of them too, so I’m encouraged to not only stay the course with my existing plants but even pick up more succulents to take care of, too.

I’m quite thankful that my back windows provide the amount of light needed and are big enough to accommodate a host of succulents. If there were only a smaller window back there, I’m not sure how I’d arrange my plants.

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