Thursday, 27 October 2016

Simple Guide for Room Decoration

It may be a little harsh but it’s the fact that there is no hard and fast rule that you can follow to decorate the interior of your house. But this very fact gives us the freedom to imagine what could be more suitable for effective decoration of a room space. With a little interest in decoration art, you can create highly sensible and good looking design patterns.

With that said, it would be worth mentioning a few interior decoration tips derived from best experiences.
  • People usually prefer painting the rooms of new house before moving. This practice is only to provide good sensation; otherwise it has its pitfalls. You may be thinking that painting the room with same color as that of your previous home would create an equally customized environment. But there are certain other factors like change in architecture and difference of light source that come into play. Hence, you might not like the same color in different environment. The better option here is to move to the new place along with all your belongings and then paint your walls by matching everything practically.
  • This would sound like good news for people on a budget that too much furniture in a room doesn’t contribute well in room decoration. The room interior should have some place spared which is possible only when you bring in the furniture not more than your needs. Moreover, you can free some more space by putting high-back chairs rather than dense sofas.
  • While hanging the artwork on the wall, make sure its height is in accordance with normal human eye level, which is 57”. Nevertheless, you can hang artwork a bit higher than the normal if ceiling is at more height. But then again, room designing should be performed keeping human attributes into consideration rather than architectural.
  • Arranging furniture on the rug in right way can enhance design of the room. There are three options to arrange furniture in accordance with the rug. Using first option when you have a bigger rug, you can place entire furniture on the rug. Second option is to keep all furniture off the rug. This looks particularly suitable when the size of room is small. The third option is to place furniture in a way that rug would come under furniture’s front feet only.
  • Don’t forget to create a focal point of the room. There are many ways you can create a focal point. The most popular ones are building a fireplace and paneling a portion of wall. Stone panels give huge character but it’s the pricy practice. The better alternate in this regard is the use of faux stone which is colored and texturized to create an outlook of real stone.
  • If a collectible, no matter how much you like, doesn’t fit in the overall design, don’t use it. If it is customizable, try to adjust it otherwise use something more suitable.